The May Reaction

Just want to help people keep things in perspective, in case you’re having a hard time focusing. I’m having a hard time focusing. When we say “period of right-wing reaction”, this is what we mean.

We can’t lose hope… but we also need to confront reality with honesty: we are overwhelmed, overextended, and in desperate need of reinforcements. The deterioration that started a year (?) after The Uprising is fully set in.

In this period of reaction, we need to defend what we have, while also laying the seeds for the recruits, organizations, coalitions, *and political perspectives* that can guide us through this period. This will also prepare us for the next left-wing explosion: whether that is tomorrow, next year, or in 10 years.



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Ken Barrios

Born and raised in Chicago to immigrant parents. A member of the ISO from 2006–2010. DSA member since 2018. Revolutionary abolitionist socialist for life.