Sometimes, the best way to figure out a political question is to think about the end goal, then trace your steps backward from the end goal to the present circumstances: reverse engineering. I’d like to try and apply this to abolition.

An iceberg in the ocean
The [melting] away of the state

Define the End Goal

My interpretation of abolition is that it is the…

A person walks past broadway billboard posters as NYC has lost two-thirds of art and culture jobs.

There is a polarization going on in the world right now.

It was represented by the election of Joe Biden, which should have been a landslide. Instead, Trump actually gained lots of ground.

It is represented in the fact that Rossana and Lori Lightfoot were both contenders in The Chicago…

Watching the police violence that triggered the uprising, and the police violence to quell it, reminds me that the state is first and foremost a tool for violence. Politics is just a way for the ruling class to try and politely exploit and repress us. …

What does victory look like?

The working class has built up an alternative government to the capitalist government. It is able to use that government for the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist government and begin building socialism.

Examples of alternative governments: Russian soviets (1905 and 1917), workers councils that spread throughout Europe (1918–1923), the cordones…

Currently, Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant is facing a right-wing recall vote to remove her from the council.

Sawant is a vocal socialist, a member of Socialist Alternative (SA), and an active supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. For standing up for her principles, she has faced waves of attempts…

Ken Barrios

Born and raised in Chicago to immigrant parents. A member of the ISO from 2006–2010. DSA member since 2018. Revolutionary socialist for life.

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